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(Updated 14 Aug 2017)

Testimonials about the Bass Lessons Online eCourse

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This extensive list of over 130 Testimonials is only a small selection provided by former and current (over 2000) participants in the Bass Lessons Online eCourse

The video below is a tribute to David Bowie. It was recorded at a live gig in January 2016.
There I play slap bass, "regular" bass, plus a fuzz bass solo. Check it out.

  • Awesome, and thank you for sharing that wonderful rendition of a very nice tribute to David Bowie. I really was able to hone in and direct my attention to the notes of the bass that you played and I am pleased that, just since beginning to play the bass, I am automatically drawn to listening to the bass guitar within the rhythm of the song as opposed to just hearing it in the background as I typically have in the past.

    Truly a pleasure to see my teacher performing. You are a great inspiration and I look forward to continue to learn from you and I appreciate all that you do.

    I hope you have a great day, Take Care, John Sperling, 11 Feb 2016

  • Quote from Online Bass Guitar blog

    Creativebasslessons.com is a fantastic tuition site. It offers a full range of courses that take users from beginner right through to advanced level. If you’re stuck in a rut or moving into a new area like improvisation, scales or technique, you’ll find this site a great resource. The lessons themselves are delivered by George Urbaszek, and it’s not hard to see why his tuition has earned him a following of over 28,000 bass players so far. Creativebasslessons.com does provide some free lessons via both this site and its YouTube channel, but the non-free lessons are well worth paying for. We recommend taking full advantage of the $2.95 trial offer!

    In December 2016 Online Bass Guitar listed CreativeBassLessons (Bass Lessons Online) in their Top 50 Bass Sites. Click the image below to visit the blog. Out of all the excellent bass websites listed in the Top 50, you will see there are only around 16 sites providing online bass tuition. So you have certainly come to the right place to get your online bass course.

    Top 50 Bass Site

  • I'm extremely pleased with Bass Lessons Online! Your approach to teaching is a relaxing one. Two times a week I get to learn music from an obvious expert and a true music mentor. Having the lessons of the past to review again is a great asset. Thanks George!

  • Jeff Campbell, 13 August 2017

  • Hello Mr. Urbaszek,

    I like the look of the new website. Been a while since I dropped by, having signed up quite a while ago, for the beginner through intermediate lessons.

    After a long layoff, due to life's circumstances, I picked up my bass again, and started following the lessons and doing the practice in earnest. I must say, I knew you had that something I needed from an instructor; but now that I seriously got down to it, it's even better than I thought. The quality is excellent.

    Alain Koningverdraag, 25 May 2016

  • George. Thanks for your course - such a high standard of teaching. All the old-fashioned techniques of face to face explanation and demonstration, but via the modern miracle of the internet. In 50 years time, we will probably summon up a hologram of you and we will be able to walk around a 360 "you" taking in all the physical stuff... and then...

    Keep up the good work; I will have no hesitation in recommending it to other potential students.

    John Norris, 23 May 2016

  • I went from never holding a bass to learning all of the notes, proper playing techniques from helpful lesson formats that are engaging and easy to understand which have a wealth of oral and written instruction.

    My faith in doing as you taught me paid off and I am thankful for that. Really, a compilation of many things that you do assist me in ways that sometimes I do not realize until well after that specific lesson or topic. To me, that is good teaching.

    Your lessons are like an extremely good movie in regards that you are enjoying the time so much that you wished it never would end. Keep up the great work and I always look forward to the next lesson on learning more about the bass and all the aspects associated with it.

    Warmest Regards and once again, Thank You for being here and sharing your gift of knowledge and instruction.

    Take Care, John Sperling, USA 31 Jan 2016

  • I wish you a very happy New Year George. Thank you for your wonderful work. The bass course that I've taken with you has helped me tremendously to develop my bass technique. I had to play in a programme recorded for television last month, I was very much at ease.

    Yours truly,

    Josian Perne, Mauritius, 3 Jan 2016

  • I'd wanted to learn to play my bass which I have had for several years but as a beginner had never found a teaching resource I felt happy with and that worked for me. So after many failed attempts to learn, giving up and starting again several times over, I found George's taster videos on YouTube. I liked his step-by-step, calm yet enthusiastic manner of teaching.

  • I don't regret subscribing! I'm half way through the beginner course now, and have finally learned (and yet strangely with ease) some key foundations to bass playing and music in general. I smile every time I open George's videos and see his warm friendly face! :-)  


    I feel what I have learned already is a strong foundation to build upon, and I am eagerly waiting the next half of the course!


    I've learned so much. From learning about timing through to note positions on the fret board, scales, major and minor chords, 12 bar blues, tuning without a tuner, I've learned a ton! Even my husband says he can hear a massive improvement in my ability.


    Thank you George!


    Lesson content builds on previous lessons and is concise (without waffle) though long enough to provide thorough explanations. Anything I have not understood (which is rare) George is happy to give further explanations of if required.  The fact that I can download the lessons and revisit them anytime is great.  It's really useful to be able to re-read the text and replay the video content and sound bites if necessary.


    It is really good value for money. You learn a lot! The content is so good for all the reasons stated above and I'm grateful for your speedy responses when I get in touch.  Cheaper than going to a private tutor and I can learn from my own home at a time that is convenient for me.  … your passion for bass and the way in which you teach it is brilliant!


    Susan Rhodes-Simpson, 29 Dec 2015

  • Hi George,

    I want to thank you very much for your great series of lessons. I've learnt so much since beginning them in June, and I continue to learn from them.


    I understand more and more, and by the comments from others I've obviously progressed well and continue to do so. Really a BIG thank you.


    I took a gamble by going with an 'on-line' tutor rather than a local teacher, but you haven't disappointed me and I'm very happy.


    Cheers for now,

    Thysje, New Zealand, 26 Nov 2015

  • Hi George,

  • Great stuff and just the right amount each time to study.

    Keep up the good work!


    Marco de Vries, Kampen, The Netherlands, 17 Oct 2015

  • Hi George,

  • 1. Coming from a musical background but with no guitar experience whatsoever, I must admit that your lessons are perfectly structured from the very beginning regardless of any previous experience. Being structured in such a simple and achievable way, it sets the foundations correctly from the start without developing any bad habits or missing out on anything important.

    As a result, my playing has improved markedly from knowing absolutely nothing to being able to play to an acceptable level in-line with my lesson level.


    2. My knowledge of the bass as an instrument has improved beyond expectation whereby fuelling a desire to learn even more; not only just about the music or techniques, but also the electrical and mechanical side of the instrument itself. So much so that I have even built my own Class AB Valve amplifier. The quest will never end.


    Kind regards,

    Adam, 26 Sep 2015

  • Hi George,

  • I've learned so much about the minor pentatonic scale and love it and the sound it makes, and I can play the 12
    bar blues, simply, but I was excited to find a few weeks ago that I could play it using the 'shuffle' feel and major triads (key of C), without a mistake for the first time ever. That to me was a huge achievement in barely 3 months of playing.


    We had a group jam on Sunday, and the keyboard player loves his blues. I told him, and he said "show me!", In a couple of bars he was going for it on the keyboard and I was able to keep up with him. All conversation stopped as the rest of our group (10 people) turned to listen.
    Best of all my husband came up and gave me a big hug saying he was so proud of me.


    Thank you so very much!! :)


    Thysje, 2 Sep 2015


  • Hi George,

    I have been playing bass for 8 years now. I started playing at church when I was 10 years old. When I was 13 I convinced my parents to stop making me take piano lessons and let me buy your online lessons. I really appreciate how you start off the series with the very most basic elements like proper strap length and bass positioning. It's been 4 years now since I did the beginner's series lessons, but even to this day I remember distinctly even the first videos.

    The lessons helped me break the bad habits I had formed while playing before purchasing your lessons. Your lessons also helped me learn how to break down riffs and techniques. I have recently learned how to play slap bass, and do free hand chord tapping. I love playing bass and I don't intend to ever stop learning new techniques and riffs.

    Thanks so much for creating an instruction plan that is very effective, portable, and affordableYour products are worth more than you charge and I really appreciate that you are trying to help more people by not trying to make a lot of money on an excellent product.

    God Bless,

    Jeff Becker

    Here is a You Tube video of Jeff playing solo bass, using the tapping technique to play a chord melody.

  • Bass teaching at its best! I cannot imagine a better way of bass learning!

    - Franz Fleischer, Germany, 1 April 2015

  • The lessons are clear to understand even if my native language is Spanish.

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    - Pablo, 28 March 2015

  • Hi George,

    My wife and son are somewhat speechless. I think they are amazed I'm learning to play the bass. I play your videos then they just watch, my son is beside him self. My Dad just is playing the bass guitar!

    I'm so looking forward to completing this bass course. You're an excellent teacher, and the surprised looks from the family surely means I am doing something right. The tuning by your examples really got my attention. Thank you again George.

    - Butch Jones, 22 April 2015

  • Hi, my name is Harld from the Netherlands.

    I am a total newby in the world of bass playing and don't have any music background. We had email contact in which i could ask you questions about the course. And now recently i started to follow the online bass lesson course you provide on your website.

    Not only the website with textual lessons but also the music files and video's are helping me along the way. Even while i'm a lefty. I've chosen the 100 lesson course from beginner to advanced bass player.

    If all the lessons are that plesant as the ten i already had, i can't wait to get the next lesson in my mailbox. I'm really improving very fast. naming the frets, hamering, cross snare hamering and the playing technick are realy fun to learn. its that fun that i already bought the slapping bass extension and other products in your webstore.

    Thank you George to make this possible, i can see you put in a lot of effort to make the course complete.

    Your are a relaxed and patienced teacher,

    With kind regards,
    Harld, 4 Feb 2015


    Update from Harld, 2 April 2015:

    I was looking for a online course that walk trough al the aspects of bass playing step by step.

    In 100 steps there is a lot to tell ;) and also i like to learn by seeing things. So the companying videos where big plus to make the choice using your lesson method

    With no music knowledge i started this course and little by little i learn playing notes /flats/ sharps and triads and know i even learn to read music by notation.

    A neighbor in the street is musician (an old punker http://www.twotwo79.nl) and he has a little studio at home (home maid). We are practicing the number M from the Cure to record. What a improvement is that?

    The lesson fits like a glove i look forward to the links that you send. And if its possible i play the same evening the lesson. But if i can't it's so easy to fit it on another day because there is enough room between the lessons.

  • Hi George,

    It has been fantastic overall.

    My playing has gone from no ability to know the notes of the frets.

    I did not even know the open string notes when I started.

    While I have played some basic guitar, I had never understood the music alphabet. It was nice to be able to explain to my wife that I finally understood the half notes in between the full notes.

    You do an amazing job of teaching. My family are all musicians except me. I have always been the audience. I made a resolution to be able to play the bass so I could play with my daughter who plays guitar. I have been amazed how quickly i have improved from lesson 1 to lesson 10.My wife is a professional musician (violin and keyboard) with a masters in directing and she is very impressed with how well I am progressing.

    Kudos to you!

    Brent Hastey, 4 Feb 2015

  • Hi George,

    So I have come to the end of the beginner / intermediate course

    I have found your course material excellent quality and to the point which is important for me.

    Thanks to your great way of teaching the basics six months in I am playing with other musicians on a regular basis and being asked for my input into songs.

    Thank you for all your support and help I will always recommend your course.

    Kind regards
    Chris Rigden, 18 Jan 2015

  • Yt
  • I have come so far im really happy about it. I started with 0 knowledge or ability and I can read music and play some songs.

    I have used your lessons as well as another CD based lesson plan together and that has really helped me. I practice every day for at least an hour and sometimes twice a day.

    When im away for the Bass I cant wait to get back and practice some more. The things that seemed so daunting a first are now fun!

    Jay, 6 Jan 2015

  • George,

    I think your bass lessons are the best online lessons! Mostly because there attention to detail and the well thought out progression.My bass playing has improved a lot mostly with my ability to find notes and play from just the notes written on a page. Of course I need to listen to the song first but I can get through fairly quickly. The lesson content is spot on …

    Thanks for putting this course together... done me wonders!

    Peter, 15 October 2014

  • As first step I wanted to learn to play Bass guitar. Than I've searched a suitable teacher. As I am self employed I could not afford the time to go to a local teacher. So I have searched through the web, checked out several teachers at e.g. Youtube and came to the point that you are very sympatic person I like to listen and watch to. Price for your course is very accurate and so I've signed up - and very happy I have done this!

    … I do understand what and why I am doing this or that. Thats my greates succes at all - just sitting with my Bass guitar and jamming around. For me its an unexpected learning curve and I am allways smiling while playing. :-)

    Simple said - its perfect. One topic leads to the other matching topic - I can not add any critic

    10 out of 10. Good teacher, good lesson structure, good speed ... nothing to argue about

    Thank you!

    Kind regards
    Jan-Christoph, 7 October 2014

  • Hi George,

    Seeing you twice a week for a while now on the lessons and have to say you are an excellent teacher.

    I have gone from a complete beginner to knowing enough to play along with real songs in a very short time.

    Your lessons are an amazing foundation of skill and knowledge that just keep me constantly engaged and interested.

    I am on an amazing journey and your program is paving the way to making me a great bass player I can feel it and I can hear it in my playing.

    I am competent in playing along with songs old and new, recently my friends daughter has written a song for her school project and she asked me to put a bass line to it Thanks to your training in triads I found it exhilarating to put a bass line together and then see the song writers reactions was just fantastic.

    I am so looking forward to every lesson I learn by visually seeing you doing the lesson in the videos that's my way.

    Thank you George I know with your guide and my perseverance in a years time I will be a sort after bass player.

    Kind regards Chris Rigden, 11 October 2014

  • … your explanations are excellent

    I have found the videos that go with the lessons very informative and useful.

    Your method of learning the notes on the fret board is fantastic

    keep up the great instruction George.

    Kind regards
    Chris Rigden, 31 August 2014

  • I've learnt something from each lesson that has made me a better player. Just the discipline of having to complete the lessons is good.

    Also, talking to my fingers (Say It as You Play It) and my fingers responding - that was a revelation. Finding all the notes on each string - I like that game!

    Phil Bradshaw, Australia, 31 August 2014

  • As a 63 year old that has passionately loved music his entire life, but never learned to play an instrument, I am really enjoying working my way through your course.

    Thanks for taking so much of the mystery out of learning to play bass!

    E. Brent Jepperson, 25 June 2014

  • I think the pace of the course is just right.

    I'm usually someone who tries to do things in hurry but appreciate that the only way to become a really good bass player (which is my promise to myself), is to study it slowly and methodically.

    That doesn't mean I can't mess around in between by learning and playing along to a few songs but I know that in itself will never take me to where I need to get to. I'm enjoying the course and feel as though I am making steady progress.

    Damian Mitchell, 16 June 2014

  • Yt 2
  • I chose your lesson plan after looking into several other web based instructors. You had a strong background with instruction, the fees were reasonable, and you were easy to understand and follow. Many of the other instructors were big ego guys, too full of themselves and not really interested in teaching anyone. You are down to earth and care about what you are doing.

    I'd say learning all the notes on the instrument is huge. I remember in one of the first few lessons, you said we would know all the notes by lesson ten. I thought, ya right, that won't happen, but it did.

    I'm sure everyone is different, with different amounts of background in music. For me, the lesson content is perfect. Each lesson is challenging and sets you up for success with the next lesson.

    In a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I would say it is a solid 9. I look forward to continued results and I'm confident that I'm receiving a strong grasp of the fundamentals, from which to build on, as my skills improve.

    Thanks for caring George.
    David Van Camp, 14 May 2014

  • As a 63 year old that has passionately loved music his entire life, but never learned to play an instrument, I am really enjoying working my way through your course. Thanks for taking so much of the mystery out of learning to play bass!

    E. Brent Jepperson, 25 June 2014

  • I think the pace of the course is just right. I'm usually someone who tries to do things in a hurry but appreciate that the only way to become a really good bass player (which is my promise to myself), is to study it slowly and methodically. That doesn't mean I can't mess around in between by learning and playing along to a few songs but I know that in itself will never take me to where I need to get to. I'm enjoying the course and feel as though I am making steady progress.

    Damian Mitchell, 16 June 2014

  • I like the format of the lessons and the fact that they are delivered at intervals (lets you focus on the lesson at hand before moving on). The lesson material is presented in a clear manner and in very digestible segments.

    The accompanying videos are easy to follow and George's teaching style is engaging and just right for the level being taught. George is obviously in the learner's corner and appears to be very committed to having the learner develop good habits and a solid foundation.

    I am looking forward to the next 10 lessons. Thank you George.

    Greg Wilkinson, 29 March 2014

  • I find the lessons (particularly the videos accompanied) very relaxing and fun. Being taught by a lively and calm person gives a helping motivation boost for a beginner.

    Miika Kyllonen, 24 Jan 2014

  • I turned 74 in October and have taken a lot of lessons and have done a lot of practicing over the years. Having said that, your lessons are right at the top of the list in my book. They are very understandable and I feel I'm progressing very nicely using them. Thank you.

    Bill Little, 25 Dec 2013

  • Before starting WBL (Weekly Bass Lessons) I was a complete beginner. I have owned my bass for many years and have a lengthy back ground in music is a brass musician, but had no access to persons knowledgeable of proper bass-playing technique, so I rarely picked it up.

    In search of guidance I came across George Urbaszek's lessons and books. I purchased and read 'Good Music Practice' prior to signing up for WBL and was so impressed with his approach that I felt confident that I was making a good choice in subscribing. I have not been disappointed.

    All of the musicians around my area seem to be guitarists or drummers and each one of them give advice about playing bass as if it is no different from playing their instrument. My husband is a guitarist, and it was his vague response to my inquiry about correct fretting hand technique that prompted the realization that the techniques must be all-together different and that I would need to seek out professional guidance if I wanted to learn to play properly. ...WBL as met that need and exceeded my expectations. I have seen vast improvement in my bass playing ability. ...and seeing me play regularly as even inspired my husband to practice his own instrument more frequently

    For me, a lot of the music stuff mentioned in WBL has been review but it is certainly right on target and an exceptional resource It is easy to overlook things your 'already know' but when you are reminded of them as you are learning things that are new to you, you are able to better incorporate your new knowledge with that which was previously gained and are better equipped to understand how all of it intertwines, is applicable and works together.

    I greatly appreciate WBL as a resource as is. It is well timed, step-by-step and comprehensive. Thank you for your invaluable service.

    Adriel L.L. Dazey, 18 nov 2013

  • Mr. Urbaszek, thank you for all the wonderful knowledge I have received as part of your lessons. My bass playing has dramatically improved due to the lessons you provide. I really do appreciate it. I signed up for the full bass course.

    J.C. 24 Sep 2013

  • I had never played bass guitar before or read music so it was a first for everything and i am enjoying it, it doesn't feel like work to learn its fun to learn something little then practice then learn something else and involve that in the practice.

    ... with your lessons i was able to learn the very basics and work from there.

    If it wasn't for your lessons being so easy to sign up to and learn i probably wouldn't of started playing the bass as the island that i am on doesn't seem to have any dedicated bass teachers.

    Although i have seen some videos of you and various other people teach some bass on youtube i don't think i could learn without structure to it. Your lessons progress from the basics and onwards rather than trying to find random videos online So thank you for making these lessons so easily available and allowing people with limited or no access to one on one teachers a chance to learn.

    Stephen Turner, 25 Aug 2013

  • I like the way you explain with a bit of humor. The exercises are easy to remember and to practice without looking back on the video's or written explanations too much.

    Thanks and greetings from Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Fred, 20 Aug 2013

  • I have been upright for about 15 years and decided to relearn the electric as I want to play in my church. Every part of my playing is better because your slow (but perfect) lessons works wonders.

    The pace is perfect for a busy adult with a job. I love the way you make things clear and easy to understand. Please release a course for the upright with the very same format.

    Doug Taylor, 30 July 2013

  • Thanks for the lessons...what a great idea putting them up on the internet. You are a good teacher and i enjoy the tidbits you have given me. I now can pretty much play along with anyone and enjoy the exercises you have taught me.

    As i thought in the beginning , a lot of it is review but that has been good and i really think i like the bass better than the guitar.

    Thanks again
    Carol Shimko, 5 May 2013

  • George,
    I just bought my first bass! I am no longer on the church Ibanez 4 string. I bought a 2011 Lakland 55-01 5 string. Natural wood, sounds wonderful!
    My 18 year old son, (accomplished trumpeter), turned drummer, our former worship team leader, is now back with us and myself are the current worship team for our church. It is a whole new life for me Mr. George. We call ourselves Prazor's Edge.

    Again, thank you for everything. We practice all the time and I am applying your principles to learning new songs and adding value to others.

    Keeping you up to date,
    Joe Moorehead, Phoenix, AZ USA, 20 March 2013

  • I just really did not want to take lessons in person and felt if I could do it in the comfort of my home and on my own schedule and my own time schedule, I would stick with it better.. And this has been true for me..

    I still consider myself a pretty new beginner but in just 3 months I have become much more comfortable in just holding and playing the bass.. At the beginning it just felt so strange and awkward but now it’s starting to feel like I nice pair of old Jeans.. (If that makes sense to you).. And I look forward each day getting home to practice my Bass..

    I have been very happy with the lessons and the contents.. I have wondered if some might think they are too short??? But there is 50 of them so while they may be short they are good and there is a lot of them.. And I actually like it this way as it helps me to take small bits at a time… If I had all 50 lessons presented to me at one time, it would seem daunting and I might not would stick with it.. So I am very happy with the Content and the bite size chunks of each lesson and feel it works with my learning style..

    I would rate it 5 stars out of 5 stars.. And I like how you are always quick (less than 24 hrs.) to get back to me on the questions I ask you.. Really appreciate that..

    And I like that you offer Monthly payment options..

    Rodney Phillips, 20 March 2013

  • Hi George,

    I signed up to your series after trying (and failing) several methods to getting back into bass guitar. After taking expensive weekly lessons a decade ago, I had a very basic foundation to the instrument when I decided to restart but couldn't really afford a face-to-face tutor again.

    While there are a variety of free lessons online (and believe me, I looked) they were inconsistent in how they taught the bass. Lessons seemed to jump from astonishingly easy through to outright incomprehensible. While I came across your site a couple of times in my searchings, it was only after reading some positive recommendations on a bass forum (talkbass perhaps?) that I decided to take the plunge and see whether it was worthwhile.

    The first 10 lessons were quite easy for me, as it covered info I already knew - that said there were still some great tips that I had either forgotten or never been taught.

    From lesson 11 onwards however I started to really absorb some great new knowledge... now I find I am torn between wanting to practice the older lessons but wanting to see what's coming up!

    Learning the fretboard - while it isn't entirely muscle memory yet, I can locate any note relatively quickly. This was always a bit of a mystery to me before and an utterly tiresome chore to learn. Having it locked in provides a great foundation for some of the headier concepts that we're only starting to get into.

    It's all been progressing really well, and even though a couple of lessons at first made me think "oh God, what the hell is he talking about?" I am often surprised at how quickly they make sense as soon as I stop, think and put my knowledge into practice.

    Two thumbs up. I use your lessons for theory, learn songs inbetween lessons, then have plain old fun (and build up hand strength) It's all going astonishingly well, and I find myself progressing in leaps and bounds.

    Thanks again!

    Adam Quigley, 9 Jan 2013

  • Thank you for being there for me. It has been fun learning the bass and I am a successful part of the church band.

    My goals before starting were.
    A. Not make a fool of myself while up there playing. Done.
    B. Add value to the team. Done.
    C. Play with confidence, that with practice I could play almost anything in my skill range. Very satisfied here, but always learning.
    Thanks again, George.

    Joe, 11 Dec 2012

  • Hi George

    Mark here from sunny Cornwall, England. I have just had the last of the fifty beginner to intermediate lessons and just wanted to send a big’ thank you’ to you. I am enjoying the lesson’s so much and I particularly like how they work together sequentially yet keep offering new challenges.

    Mark Bottrill, 11 Dec 2012

  • I'VE IMPROVED, MY PLAYING AND KNOWLEDGE OF THE BASS. MY KNOWLEDGE OF MUSIC,- HAS LETS SAY - changed from just listening, to wanting to know how music works. its great. your lesson's are PRICELESS!!!!!!! i have my own teacher when ever i need u at the click of a button thankzzzzzzz GEORGE.

    My wife is my judge and she says i've improved. ... have a great day and thank you.

    Brendon Hasbrouck, 29 Nov 2012

  • Hi George, an emphatic "YES!"
    I was a total neophyte before enrolling in your online course; all I knew was that I really loved the Bass and wanted to learn to play.

    Because of my location, it really isn't feasible to take "in person" lessons. So, when I found out about your program I was really excited to check it out. I researched some other approaches and decided to subscribe to your online lessons. I'm sure glad I did!!

    I'm really diggin' this! Thank-you George, from an "old dog" learning "new tricks".

    Rich M., 17 Nov 2012

  • Dear George:

    Thank You for everything. Just got my last lesson today.
    I appreciate all of your help and advice.

    It is an incredibly comprehensive and well designed program.

    The very First interest I had in the Bass was in May of 2012.
    Only 6 months ago.

    Best money I ever spent.
    Good luck and have a safe holiday season.

    Paul J. Teufel
    Attorney at Law
    10 November 2012

  • I am a true beginner and literally started your course the day
    after buying my first bass.

    My knowledge of the actual bass has improved tremendously. When I got it, I had no clue what a p-bass or j-bass was, ignorant of the names of the parts, had no idea what a pickup was, or any of the bass 'jargon" seen on various websites, books, videos, etc. Now I'm quite comfortable with the bass itself and I'm starting to get an idea of the true functions and limitations of my current "axe". (Squier Affinity P-bass)

    I am a professional instructional designer and must say that I find your course to be outstanding. You're presenting the material in small chunks and providing the content to satisfy all learning types. The pace is great and the format allows all of us students to go back and practice as much as we need to. I also like that you've gone with the MP3 format to allow faster downloads and compatibility with most mobile devices. Great course so far and I'm learning a great deal!

    I'm enjoying the course tremendously and look forward to my weekly lessons. Thanks so much!

    Yvonne, Ohio, USA

  • First, let me say that I am thoroughly enjoying the lessons. Although I do have a bass instructor that I see once a week, your lessons help me connect the dots and see the big picture.

    The way you have structured the lessons makes a lot of sense because they tend to build upon each other.

    You have a great way of teaching and it comes through on the videos.

    David Garcia
    23 July 2012

  • Your presentations are concise and understandable

    Chris Westerveld
    12 July 2012

  • Mr. Urbaszek,

    Thank you for the series of bass lessons.

    The materials you offered are rich and well organized.
    I have been acquiring knowlege and dexterity effectively for playing bass guitar since I signed up the beginner series.

    Things like aural skill and humming before improvising were what I had heard but never used. After I gave a few tries of those, the techiniques become the refreshing tools and inspired me that there may be some potential extent I can reach.

    I appreciated that the bass lessons not only cover bass techiniques but broader content in playing and understanding music.

    Chieh-hsun Wu (Jason)
    27 June 2012

  • I don't feel comfortable to critique you on anything technical yet because
    I don't have enough of a basis on which to form an intelligent opinion.

    But I can say this: your demeanor was the polestar point in selecting you & your system. Laid back, calm, friendly, patient, & always positive.
    Also I wanted somebody close to my age that was not bossy, impatient, or arrogant. I see that everyday in court!!

    Lastly, as a trial lawyer I cannot help but admire your entire teaching system. It is very well designed and extremely, extremely, well thought out & sophisticated.

    I think its a great idea and you have obviously spent alot of time developing it. To me it looks like you are way ahead of the competition.

    Paul J. Teufel
    Attorney at Law
    25 June 2012

  • I have been a bass player in the Detroit Symphony since 1972 and always wanted to play electric but never had the time to try. Your lessons were just fantastic. Obviously I learned to read music a while ago but your approach to learning to read I found enlightening and useful. I have actually incorporated some of the electric technics into my double bass playing.

    My congratulations to you for your development of a very useful learning tool. I plan to rock and roll in my retirement in a few years.

    Best regards,
    Stephen Edwards
    Detroit Symphony Orchestra
    Curtis Institute of Music Class of '71
    15 March 2012

  • I had never handled a bass before I started these lessons. The day my bass arrived is the day I started this course. I am very pleased and proud of what I have achieved in a few weeks. The lesson content seems about right for learning. Regular bite size chunks to keep the progress going without ever being overwhelming. I'm practicing every day which helps.

    I am enjoying this course immensely. Your teaching manner and personality give me confidence that you know what you are doing and therefore I can translate that into confidence in myself and my ability to master the bass.

    I am a visual learner so the video clips are invaluable to my ability to understand the concepts taught. Already after 10 lessons it is like an old friend coming to visit twice a week! I am excited about the weeks ahead and what you can help my accomplish.

    Grant Hewett-Hawker
    12 February 2102

  • Hello, George

    I started with the bass because I like heavy metal, but I noticed that my favourite songs are those where you can hear a nice thorough bass sound all around.

    First of all, let me tell you that your lessons are wonderful. I started trying to play the bass something like 7 years ago, but I did it on my own, and it was so boring. In addition, I got my progression stopped very soon. I did'nt make any progress for a long time, so I left it.

    But I really needed a "bass for dummies" approach to re-start from scratch and I feel that your lessons have the adequate rythm. I had tried with a written method, but it was horrible.

    Thanks and congratulations for your awesome lessons
    Best regards

    Oscar Planells Torres
    27 January 2012

  • Hi George, I just want you to know that I am enjoying the lessons immensely.

    I have been flicking through various 'how to play bass' books on and off since 2006 - learning the basics but it was hard work.. Then one day I thought to myself that something so enjoyable shouldn't be hard work - I have always wanted to master an instrument and have been very frustrated for not being able to do so.

    I decided to find a bass teacher and after googling I found you on YouTube.

    Sceptical at first I thought that you would be like all the rest but I have to say that your method soon sunk in and everything you say seemed to fall into place.

    I look forward to your future lessons earnestly.

    Best Wishes from London
    Yours Sincerely
    Stephanie, 29 Sep 2011

  • George,

    I really like your structured, sequential approach. I have taken lessons from several teachers, some better than others, but none organized enough for me - it was flip through a book and "let's do this," without a foundation or reason why. Plus, even if I had the lesson "down" in the studio, sometimes I'd forget exactly how it worked by the time I got home.

    Learning in logical, bite-sized chunks at my own pace, and being able to replay the videos is great - and the fingering is shown very clearly.

    At less than $5 US per lesson, your course is truly a bargain. I have been playing for 5 years, and can honestly say I am much better bassist just two months into your course. Thank you!!

    Art (age 60)
    Rhode Island, USA
    15 Oct 2011

  • I subscribed to Bass Lessons Online because there was a need for bass support in our church choir group. I have some musical knowledge and have dabbled with other instruments in the past. Of all that I researched, Bass Lessons Online seemed to offer the best value.

    I am now more familiar, and becoming more familiar with the fret board. I am becoming proficient with the major and minor arpeggios up and down the fret board. I am becoming more familiar with the major keys of E, B/Cb, F#/Gb, C#/Db, and Ab.

    The lesson content seems very suitable for the systematic learning of both the instrument and the knowledge of playing. Music theory moves along with each lesson, and I am learning much through experimentation beyond each lesson.

    For what I personally set out to do, I find Bass Lessons Online to be very helpful, and beneficial. I’m moving along nicely and rate Bass Lessons Online very highly, and recommend it to anyone genuinely interested in learning the Bass as well as playing it.

    Jim Gross, 23 Sep 2011

  • While 'messing' around on Youtube I discovered your videos which led me to subscribe. I liked your enthusiasm and kind manner.

    I have improved in my ability to recognize the sound of notes, the extra ear training series I purchased (Workin' It Out) from you has helped with this, too. This has inspired me to try and master bass lines on some of my favorite songs ("Long Grey Mare" (Fleetwood Mac "Dog and Dustbin" album and "Hideaway" Freddy King and John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers "Beano" album.) which I previously would not have attempted. Especially as the bass sometimes seems like less of something that you hear (at least on my iPod) and more of what you feel.

    Understanding the 12 bar blues is invaluable to someone who loves the blues. My timing is better than when I started. My speed is improving. My right and left hand are better coordinated. I can easily find notes on my bass. My knowledge of theory has improved. My family tell me that I my sound has improved, not hard since I had never touched a bass before January of 2011, and that I seem extremely happy while practicing. Which I am.

    I find the lessons suitable, because I knew so little about playing the bass. I appreciate the size of the lesson as they appear challenging but not overwhelming. I frequently return to earlier lessons to practice and find that the depth of the lesson becomes more apparent to me as my skills and understanding improve. I appreciate that you respond quickly to my questions.

    I really enjoy them. I find that I can refer back to each lesson: transcription, video, mp3 positively invaluable. If I get confused I can go directly to the lesson and refresh. Plus your quick and gracious response to my questions are greatly appreciated. I'd recommend them. They are exceedingly affordable. The E-mag is a nice bonus. Plus, my phone makes it possible to access my lessons when I travel, which is handy, because I never have to miss a lesson.

    Kind regards,

    Kim, 14 April 2011

  • ***I wanted thorough bass lessons I could do at my own pace, that really showed/taught me how to play.

    ***I am now able to hear bass lines on recordings and learn to play them fairly easily by ear. I recognize minor Pentatonics all over the place.

    ***I think the content is excellent and gradually builds skills

    ***Outstanding value. I am learning so much at a VERY affordable price.

    Cynthia Wooten, 19 Sep 2011

  • Dear Mr. Urbaszek, I am currently subscribed to the beginner-intermediate series of bass guitar lessons and am pleased to inform you that I am thoroughly enjoying them! Truth be told, I have always wanted to learn how to play the bass guitar and the underlying component that I enjoy the most from any musical composition, is the bassline.

    Having only had a little experience (at high school) of playing the classical guitar (in a casual context and without any formal teaching), I was a complete beginner to the bass guitar. I have found your lessons to be very instructive and delivered full of the genuine passion which can only come from someone who has a love for playing and teaching bass guitar.

    The lessons are well-paced and rapid progress is ensured by means of mutually complementing text, audio and movie components.

    All the bass!
    Stuart Ember, 16 Sep 2011

  • Hello George, I would like to take this opportunity and say a simple, yet heartfull thank you. Thank you for allowing me, a hard working (65-70 hours/week!) father of three, to learn and enjoy playing the bass.

    I know I'm not going to be a pro or anything, but your lessons allowed me with little practise (4-5 hours a week) to play quite decently and have fun with my friends. And what really impressed me, was the fact that though I haven't developed any spectacular dexterity or speed yet, what I've learned in both theory and technic is much more solid and accurate than I thought I would learn when I started off.

    I kind of feel I have good foundation to move on and that it's in my hands how far I will go.

    Best regards, Nick Silligardos, 14 Sep 2011

    P.S. If the lessons helped me they would surely help others as well.

  • One reason I chose your lessons was because they are dirt cheap, but still teach you everything you need to know. Also they do not waste time on things irrelevant to bass playing.

    The suitability is like 100 % right on.

    Score: FIVE OUT OF FIVE.

    Jeff, 4 September 2011

  • Hello Mister Urbaszek
    First I want to thank you for the good teaching method. This gives me great pleasure in playing the bass guitar. I've learned a lot and found your teaching method is clear and sympathetic.

    It was for me as a Dutchwoman sometimes difficult to get the right meaning from the text, but along with the audio and video it became clear.

    Learning to play an instrument is difficult, especially if you're like me 52 years old, but the guys in the band where I play are satisfied with me. I definitely plan to the next series of lessons to follow also.

    Tineke Zandstra
    Netherlands, 14 August 2011

  • HI George, I joined bass lessons online because I enjoyed the way you break down your lessons on you tube. Also I was looking for something that could challenge my way of thinking about bass.

    I think the greatest lesson so far (being an intermediate player already) is getting back to the basics. With just a few minor changes in my technique and knowledge I have found it open up so many more avenues of playing.

    I think your lesson content is substantial. Another reason for subscribing.

    I would rate bass lessons online a 9/10

    Stephen H

  • 1....needed some professional guide

    2. Learned how to locate notes, and finally how to use finger no.5 ...use it all the time now and playing seems a lot easier. Specially enjoyed the minor scale and ...wow ....you can do a lot with it.

    3. The Lessons are very suited to beginner...and the speed is just right...not too fast or too slow.

    4. Now the value for money...is just fantastic, specially no need of spending fuel to get to a lesson ....always here on time.

    I have learned a lot in those few weeks and look forward to the next course after the beginners course.

    Rob S, Australia, 14 August 2011

  • I’m very happy to be doing your course, George. Having previously used bass instruction DVD’s (a mixed and motley bag) I know I’m on the right track with your lessons and feel that I’m making rapid progress even though my teacher is on the underside (or should that be the topside? ) of the world.

    Ken (in Glasgow, Scotland) 10 August 2011

  • Right now after 10 lessons, I am pleased with the concept and build-up of the lessons. A complete education in my opinion. I am glad the lessons start with the basics, something often overlooked in other courses.

    Kind regards,

  • Noticed a great improvement and strenghtening of my wrist and fingers

    Great course and nothing to improve, look forward to the next lessons

    My Note reading is improving and finding notes on the fretboard is improving too.... All in all ....love the course.

    Cheers Rob S, Australia, 12 June 2011

  • Hello George, I have definitely seen an improvement in my playing in the 4 short weeks I've been taking your lessons. It's been mostly mechanics up to this point but I can see it will be a strong foundation for the lessons to come.

    By doing the note recognition exercises I have become more comfortable with the fretboard. I still have a ways to go, but I can pick out most note names quite quickly and am sure it will become second nature as I continue to work the exercises and incorporate them into upcoming lessons.

    I'm very satisfied with the lessons so far. Good structure, manageable tasks, and thorough explanations.

    I'm putting several hours a week into my studies, supplementing your lessons with some sight reading material and transcription work. I'm looking forward to the upcoming lessons as they delve deeper into topics that will allow me to better understand the role of the bass in a band setting.

    Looking forward to my next lesson, Kevin V

  • Hey George!

    Thought you might like some feedback from your lessons. After having completed lesson 50, I went back and looked at what I have learned and was actually quite amazed! Songs I thought I'd never be able to learn, I can learn! Music, (although I admit, I need more practice at reading it), is no longer a foriegn language to me. It's so much fun to jam along with a drum machine. I am excited for the next 50 lessons!

    Thanks again, George! Take care!

    Chris Galeckas

    Eden, Ontario, Canada, 6 Feb 2011

  • I feel that your lessons are pretty darn good. Precise, detailed, and full of information.

    Within the first 5 lessons, going at my own pace, I realized that it may take a while. To my surprise, I'm able to catch myself doing the wrong things, and I'm finding ways to make me play the bass more comfortable.

    It's turning into a very enjoyable instrument to play, and I'm always looking forward to your lessons. Keep up the good work!

    Eric Selak, United States, 1 February 2011

  • Hi George

    Feel like I know you after 25 sessions. I chose your Bass Lessons after careful review of what was online. You seem to offer exactly what I needed a step by step approach done in small bites. I felt that this at least for myself was the way to go due to work and travel versus lessons directly from a local teacher. Also due to my schedule if I don't devote enough time to any given lesson I can go back and pick it up later.

    I feel that your approach is right on target. I like how you have this set up- with text, audio examples and your video. Again the lesson itself is fairly easy to grasp and is in short clips but linked in what seems to me in a succession that makes sense.

    Definitely a 9-10. I am very pleased with the process and look forward to each lesson.
    Money well spent.

    Best regards

    Rob Kirby, 24 January 2011

  • The improvements are many but the greatest one that I"m aware of is the ability to find the key of a song that I am interested in playing and being able, to a point, to work out the bass line and play along with the recording

    The lesson content has a very well thought out progression. Each lesson takes you one step closer to the ultimate goal, playing the bass, with a good understanding of song structure and theory. The lessons become more challenging ,as they progress, therefore being very rewarding.

    Bass Lessons Online have been invaluable to me. My progress has been very satisfying and I look forward to every new lesson.

    Once again, Thank you.
    Jeff Yost, 19 Jan 2011

  • Hey George,
    I just wanted to say that i'm loving the lessons!

    I can seriously say that had i not signed up for your lessons i wouldn't be learning as fast as i am right now!
    Your teaching technique is awesome and the mp3's, videos and written lessons are ridiculously easy to follow because they have a great step by step format! You teach what i need to know for that lesson and don't fill my head with things that don't matter!

    Basically what i'm saying is your awesome!
    Drew Haley, 18 Jan 2011

  • I was spontaneously attracted by creativebass and stuck to it since then. Did never regret it.

    Besides taking my bass off the wall and playing it every day - I think the major and minor triads brought me the greatest advance in understanding and in practical skills.

    Suitability is great. Lesson start at zero, and after less than two months I find myself playing some quite nice riffs - and understanding what I am doing.

    10 out of 10
    Stephen K, 11 January 2011

  • Hello George,

    Reaching my 50th lesson was a goal that I had doubts about reaching. I did my best to keep up with the challenge of two lessons per week and I made a point to practice every day.

    From the very start I had this misconception that learning to read music was going to the most difficult part of the course. Boy, was I wrong! You made that seem like a walk in the park.

    Learning the scales in all keys was a challenge but practice, off and on the bass and along with your method, really helped. I also review lessons all the time just to make sure I haven't overlooked something, or just to refresh a technique that may have been difficult for me. I have a friend that lives close by that I'll be jamming with. He has a sweet set up in his sound proof basement, guitars and drums.

    So I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful journey.

    Bower Corwin, 19 January 2011

  • Hello George, Just wanted to say: Infinite Thanks! for your incredible gift of teaching bass guitar. I wish I had found your site a few years back, but low and behold, I have now! As you may have noticed, after signing up for the annual Beginner to Advanced subscription, I went on your site the following day and downloaded just about everything else. I'm loving the first Blues Bass lesson.

    I have a few years under my belt and am playing in a band. But I wanted to catch every grain and nugget of your training so I have started at the beginning.

    And in Lesson 1, there are concepts that have taken hold and that are processing powerfully. What you possess, above other music teachers and beautiful bass players out there, is the immense skill to open up and lay out a concept step-by-step, in simple tangible terms, at a pace both challenging, engaging, and adventurous.

    As a student, I can actually enter the new field, acquire the presented tools, and leave with the skills integrated. Not just be dazzled and then trying to find the key to unlock the magic by myself, lacking the skills to puzzle through.

    I am an Apple certified software teacher and I know what it is to know material inside out and yet work to let people in at their own pace and then to keep it fresh and inspiring, to crystallize concepts and watch them flower in the eyes of a student into new knowledge and power. To keep the ego as best out of the picture and focus on the sacred task of providing knowledge. But it has been very very hard to find a bass teacher who can teach with these ideals, and I have found that in your teaching concept.

    To move methodically without winding up in a technical cul-de-sac that deflates the creative force, to possess creative expressive artistry yet never need to show off. It's truly a gem to find your method of teaching. The dance of learning has been ignited! Please keep doing what you are doing!! More more more!!

    Happy New Year 2011! Regards, Nisi Jacobs (from lower Manhattan, NYC)

  • I love the structure of these lessons. They are short and informative, which is perfect for my learning style. I am so excited to have reached lesson 10 and I cannot wait for the next!

    I feel that even though I am inpatient and move on to future lessons (probably too soon), I just expand on the prior lessons each time anyway, and thus I am improving without even realizing.

    Colleen Hinrichsen, 21 December 2010

  • Hi George, my bass playing has improved to such an extent in the 5 weeks that I can't wait to get home from work and practice and I find that I am alternating between the Squier and Ibanez and playing both better each day as I practice your lesson plans... and my fret buzzing has decreased dramatically.

    My knowledge of the bass has increased to a much higher level especially in the note identification on the fret board. I have always had a reasonable knowledge of music due to family connections over the years.

    I would recommend anyone who is thinking of playing a bass guitar but convinces themselves it would be too hard to investigate subscribing to your WBL and I'm sure they will find, as I have, that it is indeed fun and easy the way you present them.

    Regards Allan Hyde, Australia, 29 November 2010

  • i am really glad i found a bass teacher who obviously enjoys teaching, knows his instrument, but does not feel the need to show off during lessons. i also like the pace of the course. the exercises are challenging but not overwhelming.

    herzliche grüße! Viktor

  • Hi George! Greetings again from Canada!

    The reasons I started taking your lessons was simply because of what I saw on YouTube. Knowing nothing about music at all, then finding myself actually learning something from your free lessons on YouTube, then applying it, I knew I was heading in the right direction. Besides the usual conveniences of not having to travel to lessons or learn to play bass from a guy who can play Guitar Hero on the expert setting, your lessons have really proven to be very beneficial and fun.

    My biggest improvement so far has been my ability to recognize patterns when playing a song I've never played before. Instead of memorizing tabs, I will notice that certain parts of songs I'm learning how to play are just notes in, for example, the minor pentatonic scale or the major scale, etc. As well, just playing around with scales and creating my own licks has become very addictive.

    My friends often ask what song I'm playing. Where I tell them, I just make it up as I go. Since I had no prior musical experience, the lessons suit me just fine. I enjoy the type of music in the lessons and the methods in which they are taught. They're easy to follow and I'd reccommend them to anyone.

    On a scale of 1-10, 1 being poor and 10 being great, I rate these lessons 10 out of 10 just for the simple reason that in a few short weeks, I have gone from a guy who plays bass to a bass player (in my mind and in the minds of my friends and even a few guys at the music store lol).

    Thanks again, George!! I look forward to more of your lessons!!
    Chris Galeckas, Ontario, Canada, 29 October 2010

  • Before I have just played on the bass, with tabs and so on. Now, after ten lessons my speed, accuracy have more than doubled. I did not know any note before, exept for the open strings and now I can tell almost any note on the fretboard.

    I have started the journey from playing on the bass to play with it! I really think this is the best way to learn to play bass, correctly and fast. It´s not too much or little in the lessons. It´s enough with info to make it fun, and with the videos to that it makes it perfect.

    Maybe if you are an adult, with job, kids and everything that comes with it you don´t want go sit in the car to go somewhere else for a bass lesson. Whit WBL I have the lessons there 24/7, in my own home! Super! ( I would really say a big thank you to you George, you make it fun, fast and intressting to want to play the bass)

    best reguards/ Niklas, Sweden, 9 November 2010

  • After playing classical guitar as teen I wanted midway through life again play an instrument deciding for e-Bass. I was looking for an online course, which allows me to learn at my own pace and place. Bass Lessons Online seemed to me a pedagocical well structured course by a professional with helpful visual aids at a reasonable price.

    I was used to play by notes. Figuring out notes and rhythm by hearing was very helpful. Also the way to get to know the notes on the guitar was very different than I was used from earlier time and much more helpful.

    Very well structured. Step-by-step approach, without doing all the time the same. Videos are excellent supplements with additional aspects.

    Excellent course. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Jurg Eggler, 6 November 2010

  • George, I decided to do bass lessons online because I was frustrated with my slow progress on my own, using books and random online videos. I am at lesson 25 and am doing scales and riffs and I'm getting obviously faster and better.

    I like the fact that I'm learning the fretboard much better than ever before. Using a metronome really helps me stay on track and improve my consistency.

    The lesson content is good and I just follow the lessons. I also play along with some simple songs in addition to the lessons.

    The videos help me feel like I am staying in touch with you as my instructor.

    Bass Lessons Online is a great value for me. I cannot afford the time or money to go to lessons each week but I fit these lessons in between everything else I do as a full time employee and a full time student.

    The bottom line is that I am improving and not only hear the difference but I feel the difference as my playing ability improves. I look forward to being a more advanced player soon.

    The videos are my favorite part but I also read and use the written lesson.

    I'm glad to have you as a bass mentor

    Tony Knight 25 October 2010

  • George, I was an absolute beginner. Its hard to wait for the next lesson...

    Another point: english is not my mother language, but it's really easy to understand your lessons (written & video)

    Thanks a lot for all this bass pleasure
    Gilles Blampain Brussels Belgium, 22 October 2010

  • ... greatest musical improvement(s) through Bass Lessons Online: The ability to "hear a note before playing it". I am finding it easier to move around the fretboard than ever before

    There is nothing wasted here. Everything is of value, and as you always say the more time we as students can put into exploring each lesson beyond the surface, the more we will receive. This is worth repeating and repeating because finding new things is the way we learn.

    I think you have a good approach to teaching and I have no complaints about having selected your course over several competitors I was examining.

    Best regards Trevor, 24 October 2010

  • Hello George, I can hardly believe I've completed 25 bass lessons, and I mean that in positive way.

    I researched several on-line bass lessons. Some were actually free but lacked depth, and some lacked direction. I downloaded your free trial and knew right away your method of teaching was precisely what I was looking for. Your structure is brilliant. Your delivery is musical.

    The short videos pack so much useful information. I can't tell you how many times I have hit the back button to review a technique or a riff. If we were doing these lessons face to face, you would have kicked me out of your office.

    The lesson content is very focused and logical. One lesson may be on technique, the next may be more challenging like learning the major scale or triad extraction.

    In my opinion, there is also a psychological aspect to Bass Lessons Online. There is no real time line for the lessons but there is the mind set that if I don't learn or master a lesson before the next lesson arrives I'll fall way behind.

    The beauty of the lessons is the ability to go back to any given lesson and review it over and over again, if I have to.

    Sincerely, Bower, 26 October 2010

  • Hello George ! First I want to thank you so much I can for these fantastics bass lessons, this is really state of the art material for any bass beginner and THE best modern learning method .... Not only i am getting better and better but I have so much more fun now playing the bass.. the backdraw is that I do not get more time for it... :-)

    ...anyway I wish you the best and I hope that many bassist beginner will have the luck realize like I did how much your lessons can give and help learning this great instrument !

    Keep up the good work ! Cheers /Frederic, 1 October 2010

  • Dear Mr. Urbaszek, I decided to use your instructional material because I have always had an interest in music, and actually play several instruments, but have never taken the time to learn the bass guitar. Since I have a musical background, I assumed that online lessons would be a great way to go. It absolutely has not disappointed me!

    I feel that I have a fantastic grasp on the basics of the bass guitar, now, and can easily play simple riffs (a lot of stuff on the radio), as well as simple improvisation, and its only been a few months!

    The lesson content has been fantastic thus far, and builds upon itself in a great way, and is done at a very reasonable pace (even for a busy person like myself).

    I am able to learn at my own pace, just skipping over some of the theory parts, and going straight to the bass parts. FANTASTIC!

    On a scale from 1 to 10, easily a 10, and I would recommend to anyone! Thanks for this product!

    Regards, Brandon, 19 October 2010

  • I am a 70 year-young Grandma Bass Player. When my hubby (of 52 years) and I retired, we sold the house, gave the kids our stuff, and hit the road in our 40 ft. motorcoach. We live in it full time and I just love the lifestyle.

    I started playing bass guitar 3 years ago because my husband needed someone to keep the beat and provide that beautiful bass tone, while he plays rhythm guitar and sings. We are Carefree and Country playing Classic Country music for friends, relatives, at RV parks, and at Senior Centers. And I challenge myself to play in jam sessions whenever I can.

    I only had two lessons when I bought my bass. I was so excited when I found Urbaszek's online classes. It fit my lifestyle perfectly. I am now more confident and finally understand the role of the bass player. I love being able to go over and over the lessons until I finally "get it right."

    Jean E. Bass (like a fish) 17 August 2010

  • I bought a bass and started your lessons straight away.

    The layering on of information is opening my eyes ....and ears.

    Im amazed at how I am beginning to understand the fundementals of music that for so many years seemed a mystery.

    Troy Restieaux, New Zealand, 12 August 2010

  • Hi George, I just wanted to write a quick thank you illustrating how your bass lessons have helped me: In addition to learning the Girl from Ipanema, I am also working on the bass line for Captain by Dave Matthews (very groovy). I have found that learning music theory through your lessons has TREMENDOUSLY helped me with learning bass lines in a way that I never expected. For example, as I began analyzing Captain, I recognized the root, flat seventh, and rhythmic patterns characteristic of funk as you outlined in the funk lesson. I noticed that the bassist was using notes from the minor pentatonic scale or blues scale in some of his fills.

    Finally, there was a particularly challenging lick that I was having trouble hearing. I decided to take a step back and worked out that the background chord was C#m7. This enabled me to "lock in" some of the major notes and then from there I was able to fill in the rest of the notes .

    Without this new knowledge I would not have been able to do all this! Had I not taken these lessons, there would have been no context for learning these songs and it would have just been an exercise in finding random notes without understanding why they are there.

    Thanks! Chad

  • Hello George, I subscribed because I was not making significant progress learning the bass by buying books and watching YouTube videos. But I was impressed by your sample YouTube videos and decided to subscribe.

    I'm now able to play things on the bass that I would not have thought possible before I started the lessons, or at least not as quickly as I have learned them.

    The lessons are as suitable as I could imagine them being. Every new concept seems to come along at the right time.

    The lessons are as suitable as I could imagine them being. Every new concept seems to come along at the right time.

    ... at this point all I can say is that you've done a great job putting the course together.

    The value is excellent. The lessons cost less than local training, and I wouldn't know how to find a good teacher locally. Most people who give music lessons are doing it because they can't make a living playing, but you seem to have an actual passion for teaching.

    Neil Hopper, 29 July 2010

  • Dear Mr. Urbaszek, I hope this email finds you well.

    I see and hear improvements in my play daily. My wife has also mentioned my improvement.

    I used to mess around with guitar a little, so I had some knowledge, but never could really focus on learning the fretboard, but with the techniques you have supplied I am learning to identify the notes a lot quicker

    I did have some music knowledge prior to starting with WBL, but feel that the way music is presented in the lessons I will learn what I do know better and what I do not know more quickly.

    I enjoy the lessons very much I am always happy when I get the new link to a new lesson. The lessons are intuitive and well thought out. The techniques and tips are great and have really helped me progress in my playing.

    Best Regards, Chris Munyon, 29 July 2010

  • Some Weekly Bass Lessons serve as revision, others provide surprising innovation and information. I'm loving it.
    David Frugniet, Australia

  • Your lessons are very interesting and it's the first time I'm practicing a lot between lessons and wait for the next lesson to come.
    James Attard, Malta

  • … less left hand strain, stronger fretting hand, less fret buzz - can't wait to get home from work and pick the instrument up - family notice the difference (Good confidence boost).

    The size of the instrument used to be quite intimidating and because of the effort needed to play it, it got quite frustrating at times. After 10 weeks of learning, I now feel very comfortable with the instrument and because of the results gained using the course; I now get a lot of pleasure learning to play it.

    The course shows you that learning the fretboard and notes is not an impossible task - quite enjoyable, it is a lot more manageable using 'say as you play'.

    The course has generated a questionable interest in looking at the history and development of the bass throughout the years and also learning about the different styles of playing, sounds and individual musicians.

    I have found that there is a lot more to the bass than learning the odd song from a Tab book! Some guys I know learn songs using Tabs and that's it. The course nurtures and encourages you to learn/read music notation and does it in a user friendly way (a lot better than the 'old style' school music teachers who used to complicate matters and therefore put you off) - this takes it way above tabs, ending up in you learning and appreciating how to play the music properly.

    Can't wait for the next lesson.
    Steve Pritchard, United Kingdom, 20 September 2008

  • You’ve got some great material George.
    Michael Sullivan, USA

  • First of all: there's progress everyday!

    I'm now 10 lessons into the course and my bassplaying has already improved.

    The first lessons focussing on basic playing technique are very helpful and important to me; as a bass-autodidact who started playing again after a 15 year break i need to get rid of bad habits.

    The first series of lessons are still very helpful in that respect; i'm using the lesson's exercises (and my own take on them) daily. Now i'm slowly but surely mastering the right playing techniques that will provide me with a solid foundation to build upon.

    The first lessons already contain valuable tools and exercises, it's good that it's introduced this early on in the course.

    Looking forward to what's coming!
    Bart Schulz, The Netherlands, 27 May 2010

  • Also, thank you for your great bass lessons and the quality of your videos. They are the best I've found so far and I'm making fast progress.

    Best Regards,
    Christophe, a 45 y.o. beginner to bass from Paris.18 April 2010

    So far I very satisfied with the lessons:
    - the contents varies from practice to notation to knowing the instrument better
    - the rythm of the lessons is very good (I'm practicing 1 hour every two days or so)
    - the lessons presentation format is effective and simple
    - the audio parts are accurate
    - it's great to have you in video summarizing and showing what is explained in the lessons

    Best Regards,
    Christophe Thibaut, France, 16 May 2010

  • A completely independent and unsolicited REVIEW of the Creative Bass product BASS LESSONS ONLINE

    "Best Online Bass Guitar Course"

  • Your bass instruction resource, services and frankly your approach to the craft is spot on cool.
    Ron Gallagher, USA

  • I am, or should I say, was, a complete "bass-virgin". But its a lot of fun, and I certainly need the structure you offer.

    I'll be honest in saying that i was initially skeptical about the "online" format of music lessons, but I am certainly not disappointed. I look forward to the "Link to online lesson # x" emails each week.

    Edwin Mientjes

  • I am not a brand new bass player, but I didn't know all that much before I started lessons from you. I believe I wouldn't have been ready for intermediate instruction. I have been very encouraged by the lessons. I have learned some essential things that I did not know. I've liked the simple details related to technique, such as striking into the thumb.

    The say-as-you-play method is also a great technique.

    I have 51-year-old tendons in my hands so I appreciate your emphasis on using good technique to avoid injury.

    I like that have an organized, systematic and focused approach. I believe you are heading me in the right direction - of understanding how to keep the right rhythm without being too boring on one hand or too "busy" on the other.

    I feel like a "happy camper" at this point. I look forward to each lesson.
    Andy Park, 5 April 2009

  • I love your program so much I don't think I could of waited until after school tomorrow to get started on the next lesson.
    Ramsey Wilcox, USA, February 2008

  • Hi George,
    Great lesson - I thought your solo line was just perfect and a great example of applying the double chromatic approach. I found this very helpful.
    Tim Sedgwick, USA - after 35 lessons

  • Your lessons have improved my playing a great deal and have given me an insight that I didn't have before. I personally feel that I'm making more sense and feel a lot more confident.

    Afaq, United Arab Emirates

  • I am still very much enjoying the lessons and feel I am progressing marvelously. Thank you for this program which obviously has been able to do what others have failed. Thank you again for your assistance and your fine product!!
    Gordon Edwards, USA, 20 May 2007

  • It's the tips and short cuts you provide that make the difference.
    Mike Loisel, USA, 24 June 2007

  • I have gained a lot, and am fast learning the whole fretboard with your simple exercises. It's remarkable following your lessons how fast one is able to pick this up and retain.
    Rob Penman, Australia, September 2007

  • If at all stuck I know your friendly advice is only an email away.
    Rob Penman, November 2007

  • … also I would like to let you know, I have taken lessons from a individual, and also have self taught myself. But I have learned more from you in the last month than all the other combined. Showing me the basics and moving up from there has really helped. Thanks I feel I am on the right track now.
    Danny Crosby, USA, 25 January 2008

  • Live Performance Comment from a Fan and Student of Bass Lessons Online
    Hello George,
    … a great night last Friday. I was impressed with your playing of the Double Bass you were fantastic and made it look so easy. We both enjoyed the band you have a good team there. The Jazz was fantastic, I have not heard a Double Bass played with such feel, control and fluency in my life as you displayed. We have been talking about your playing since we got home. I am proud to have a teacher of your calibre. BASS IS GREAT! IT RULES
    Rob Penman, February 2008

  • I have a better speed and can determine where notes are much quicker. My knowledge of the bass has also improved including notation. I also have a better hand position. The lessons are very informative and help me a great deal with the basics. I am very happy with the format and regularity so far, as well as the interesting and easily understandable content.
    Mark Carter, United Kingdom, 6 March 2008

  • I had only picked up a bass guitar for the first time 2 weeks before starting your course. From knowing absolutely nothing about bass playing, to now being able to play a few songs from the top of my head, (although basically), my ability is growing rapidly.

    This is a well structured course you have George, and I know if I slack off a bit, the next day there will be another lesson in my email, so I have to stay focused, and keep up. I actually feel pretty privileged to be learning from someone with your musical background, and this also means I am very unlikely to decide one day this is all too difficult and give up. So, all in all, well done, and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us aspiring bassists.
    Ray Wise, Australia, 23 August 2008

  • I have always had a love of music particularly the Blues. However when I was working I never had time to get involved beyond the point of listening. When I retired I decided to do something about it and decided to learn how to play the bass. I bought myself a not very expensive bass and amp and the guy at the store recommended a particilar instruction book that came with CD. I laboured with this for several months but did not feel I was progressing the way I felt I should. (By the way, I live in a rural area so personal tutoring was not an option.) As a result I began searching the internet for another source and came upon you. I signed up and am not sorry that I did.

    My greatest musical improvement is that I have been able to grasp the basics of bass playing in a quicker and much more enjoyable way.

    The lessons have suited me perfecly because I knew nothing at the beginning and now I am able to do so much more. The lesson plan makes it so much easier to understand what and how to get better.

    Compared to what I was previously exposed to I would rate your program a 10 out 10. Thanks so much for providing me with the information I needed to accomplish what to me is a matter of great personal enjoyment.

    Ted Clifton, USA, 25 August 2008

  • Hi George,
    Thank you for adding the Consolidation Videos. This is a nice addition to the written lessons. For me, it gave the confidence that I had understood what you were saying in the written form. Watching you use the minor pentatonic scale as you made up riffs was most valuable. Thanks again.

    I NEEDED A COACH ... AN EXPERIENCE TEACHER THAT COULD POINT THE WAY TO TRUE MUSICAL PROGRESS. On my own, I was dabbling with this and that, but was not progressing confidently.

    My husband is very happy that my strings don't ring uncontrollably anymore! :-)

    THE CONTENT OF THE LESSONS HAS BEEN MOST MANAGEABLE - enough info to work on, but not overwhelmingly so.


    - can "go to class" whenever my schedule permits
    - no drive time
    - can print the lessons and review as needed
    - uses Paypal
    - George is very responsive to questions about the lessons

    Jonell Lynch, USA, 26 August 2008

  • I've also purchased a book "idiot's guide to the bass guitar" which has basically been worthless for me, the on hands learning and examples with the basic instructions really works for me, as I am a hands on learner!
    Brett Donahue, USA, 28 August 2008

  • ... as an absolute beginner in bass playing, these lessons are an extreme help.

    My girlfriend starts to jam with me on her piano after 2 weeks and growing.

    As an former singer of an local church choir I was familiar with basics of music harmonies before. But a lot of very useful explanations and video-lessons can shrink the missing link to the fretneck.

    Your online lessons are the most delightful, cosy, pretty cool way being instructed via internet.

    For people with no chance of an weekly repeating stable timetable like me there is no other way becoming teached in playing bass

    Johannes Haslauer, Graz, Austria 7 April 2009

  • Now I know the right technique how to play bass. This is great lesson method. Even I am rather busy but with this method I still can learn. Because I can learn any time I can.

    And the response by email also quick. So If I have problem with the lesson then I will have the answer in no time.… thanks to the Video. It really help me much. Through that video I can understand the lesson very well.

    Happy David Giroth, 17 April 2009

  • ... freedom of planning my work at home, i.e. I am not obliged to rush to "deliver" my home work to the teacher at the date.
    No useless talking. Always right to the point. In one word: Accurate

    Philippe Sellier, 11 April 2009

  • I think your approach to learning the bass is fun, instructive, and stimulating.
    Peter Crisera, Rome Italy

  • I'm 46 years old, my friends think I'm crazy trying to learn the bass, but they are also amazed at how fast I've progressed. My roommates don't even mind my practicing any more!

    Lisa Bock, La Jolla, California USA

  • The pedagogics were much better than in other bass lessons.
    ... for family and work reasons, a regular teacher was not an option.
    ... Radically improved technique. Listening skills and how to play a bass line also improved.
    The step-by-step approach w each lesson building on earlier lessons, and intelligent exercises addressing multiple aspects, suits me very well.
    The videos are excellent and it is much easier to play along with a video than with an mp3.

    Good value for money. ... hints are invaluable.

    Ola Melander

  • I have used books to teach myself instruments prior to this. While they are excellent reference materials, there are not a lot of goals usually or even context associated with lesson plans.
    I feel as though your lessons are excellent, bite-sized exposés to new concepts. The goals are loose and focused on individual comfort level, as opposed to rigid memorization and drilling, or even worse, no goals at all. Additionally, the lessons are true to advertising. There is no false promise of becoming a bass god/dess overnight, and the lessons enforce a guilt-free mindset that only I am responsible for my own progress. That being said, I often find myself getting antsy for the next lesson to arrive in my inbox, ha!

    In all seriousness, this is a program that bolsters my dreams of success. I can have a life and learn bass at the same time.

    Casey Sagisi, 16 June 2009

  • Hi George - Before i go any further i must tell you that me signing up for your Bass Lessons is without doubt the best thing i have done for myself in the music part of my life. I feel after more than 10 years of trying to play the bass it is only now that i know for sure that i am on the right path. At the end of these lessons i know it wont make me a fab bassist (because of my limitations not your teaching) but i will be the happiest one. How interesting is your course ??? I used to pick up my bass and practice once a month before or max twice. but now i must have NOT picked it up once or twice in the last 2 months.

    Dexter Basil, 2 May 2009

  • Hi George, It's with great sadness that I write - simply because the course has come to an end! A year ago my bass playing was going nowhere fast, all you could hear was the buzzing of strings, noise from unmuted strings and a general frustration of not being able to fret notes correctly. Kids had their fingers in their ears for most of my efforts!! After a year all that has gone - using the 4 fingers in 3 frets worked for me, your exercises made me think ahead about muting strings and getting a better and even tone out of the instrument. The consolidation videos were invaluable - use the course notes and then watch and learn from the videos.

    A lot of people said to me in the beginning 'why the bass' I used to say why not? - now it's a different story - why the bass, because it's the foundation, I love the sound, the groove and its where I want to stay! I play them a track without the bass and then with - sounds of 'wow I see what you mean'. I used to find the bass quite a cumbersome beast at first, but now, after learning where all the notes are on the fret board, right hand techniques and just picking it up almost every day - I now consider my bass as a sort of companion and thanks to the course I feel very comfortable with it.

    I absolutely loved the course and will enrol for the next course once I have consolidated a bit and work has settled down for me I would recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn the bass and not just become a human 'juke box' - there's a lot more to the bass than learning a song parrot fashion from a tab book, your course is an 'all rounder' you appreciate the instrument a lot more and learn what bass playing is all about.

    Most of all - I had fun and am still having fun learning and playing the bass - thanks to your course and the way you teach - it felt as if you were in my office with me each time! You should be very proud of your course - I'm certainly very proud to call you my bass teacher!! Take care George and thanks - Oh! and the best of bass to you too. Kids have now taken their fingers out of their ears.

    Steve Pritchard, United Kingdom, 14 July 2009

  • My Playing has improved a great deal since begining WBL. As an absolute beginner i tried for a few months to go at it on my own, and found little success and even more frustration. Your lessons are easy to follow and easy to implement from the page to practical use.

    I find i am more comfortable playing now and can play for longer periods of time. I look forward to each new lesson. My knowledge has grown a great deal. I know all the parts of the bass now and am close to being able to identify where all the notes are on the fretboard. The note identification lessons where brilliant.
    Thank you for taking the time to create WBL

    Brandon J Monson, 27 July 2009

  • I must say that the first several lessons are quite boring (on the surface). BUT, after trying them I quickly realized the importance of each one and could see how to expand on each lesson. I think there is no way get around the fundamentals without some simplicity and repetition, and for most that probably equates to boring. I was patient and it definitely worked out for me. After those first few lessons, things got VERY challenging.

    Now, fast-forward to the most current lessons. I recently tried Lesson 11. Well, I read the lesson briefly, took a mental note of the notes to be played, walked away from the computer and went for it... I was surprised how easily my fingers found the notes. Thanks again for your service to musicians.

    Neil Ohrdorf - U.S.A. 28 May 2009

  • Hi George The lessons were great. Really well put together and thought out. There is an enormous amount for me to continue to learn from the beginners and intermediate courses that I have now done and have to keep. You have provided enough terrific material, at a very reasonable price, and very reliably delivered to last me for a long time to come.

    I'm very happy that I stumbled accross you on youtube. I can't fault your approach and thank you very much for your efforts. I wish you all the continued success you deserve as you are obviously a person who teaches not just for money but for the love of bass playing/music. I would recommend your courses to people interested in bass playing and learning about music any time. Thank you. Best of Bass, George.

    Ken Gammon, 19 August 2009

  • I can't tell you how impressed I am with your course. The lessons are just enough to challenge you without being too much to take in. At first I was worried about how quickly each lesson arrived but then I used the speed to pressure myself into practicing longer. I can't wait until I can jam with someone.

    Phil Schena, 18 October 2009

  • Hi George, I am having a blast doing your lessons. Well laid out - love the videos and the sound clips. Bass Lessons Online are truly worth the price i paid for them. Keep up the good work in helping us fellow bass players become better.

    Dennis Irish, Canada, 18 October 2009

  • Hello George, I must say I'm glad I signed up. The program is exactly what I was looking for. The two-per-week format reduces information overload while creating anticipation for the next lesson, and the content is very well structured for the beginner. I found your website thru a video on youtube, and liked what I saw. Since I had bought my first bass six months earlier, it was the right thing at the right time. I've tried learning from books with 'self motivation' but it's easy to slow down and stop. The mere fact that another lesson is just days away tends to motivate, and it works! Thanks for doing all of this.

    John K. 20 October 2009

  • Hello George! I had very minimal skills prior to these lessons. I've learnt not only the fundamentals of playing the bass guitar, but also the foundations of music knowledge. I've learnt lots of new tricks and information regarding the structure and creation of music. It's been thoroughly enjoyable so far, in progressive steps which have made sense! I feel as though by the time I finish the beginner to intermediate I'll be a decent player! I've also enjoyed the mix of media, whether it be writing, pictures, audio files or videos. They all combine well to make learning very simple and fun!

    Thanks for the lessons :-)
    Morgan Walker, 27 October 2009

  • I have enjoyed all of the lessons. You are a great teacher. I like the way you break everything down so simple, and in the videos, I like the way you move around to show all the angles. You have made learning the bass so much fun. Thank-you very much.

    Cindy Sullivan 11 November 2009

  • Before I started taking your lessons online I had already been studying with a guitar teacher locally. The improvement has been much more about proper right hand plucking technique and proper left hand position and fingering and less about speed. My teacher was primarily an electric guitarist and wasn't taking into account that the frets on the bass are further apart than on the electric guitar. He was continually discouraging me from using the pinky on my left hand which (thankfully to you) I now use regularly. I find your 4 fingers for 3 frets (1,2,4) technique much much more comfortable and easy. I also appreciate the instruction on the proper right hand plucking technique. My guitar teacher had this completely wrong.

    Even the basic instruction about the different parts of the bass guitar were very useful. I also appreciate the lessons in note identification. I think that is very important.

    I just finished lesson 15. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying learning basic music theory and how to improvise using the pentatonic minor scale. For me, music composition and improvisation is what music is all about!!! My guitar teacher only wanted to teach me tabs. I want to learn how to compose my own bass lines and how to play with other musicians. My wife is a piano player and we would like to be able to do things together.

    I appreciate your prompt reply to my questions. The lessons have been well worth the investment. Just as a side note. Years ago (I'm 36 now) I was a drummer. I began taking drum lessons from a teacher who emphasized immediate fulfillment over proper technique. The result was that I began to be able to play some simple things very quickly but as I advanced, my lack of proper technique began to limit my ability to advance. When I switched to a more advanced teacher he basically told me that I had to start over with some of the basics in order to advance. Because of this experience with drums, I completely understand why you emphasize the basics, even if they may initially seem unimportant or boring

    Chad Haarer, 16 November 2009


    VERY HIGH VALUE, I HAVE SEVERAL BASS LESSONS, YOURS ARE FOR SO FAR BEST I WANT 100% TO SUBSCRIBE TO "Intermediate to Advanced" series (ed. note: Peter has subscribed to the "Intermediate to Advanced" series.)

    REGARDS PETER ONDECKO, Slovenia, 5 December 2009

  • My friend is in a band, and I started learning bass with the idea that I might be able to join the band after a while. He seems impressed with my progress. I have only had the guitar for a little more than a month! This is so convenient for me, I learn a lot- very quickly, and I look forward to receiving my lessons each week. Also, I like when you create alternate rhythms or use alternate notes to change an original exercise. It creates a new challenge for me to overcome, and inspires my brain to come up with alternate patterns as well.

    Sara Heitman, 6 December 2009

  • I like your teaching method where each lesson leads into the next and there is just enough content to keep you advancing in small steps.

    Kind Regards, Bob Wilson, 12 December 2009

  • Before I started taking your lessons I had been playing for about a year, trying to teach myself by learning tabs and by looking at articles on the internet I have learnt twice as much in half the time through your lessons and it is amazing how far my playing has come along in just six months. Things such as using 3 fingers in the space of 3 frets (as opposed to 4 over 4) have made a huge difference.

    I now feel much more confident than I used to and am starting to look for other musicians to play with. I really enjoy playing the bass and I want to learn more and become as good as I possibly can. Your lessons have provided me with a really solid foundation upon which to build and I'm looking forward to starting the next course I could'nt really suggest anything to improve your lessons, they're already top notch and well worth the money. thanks very much!

    Regards Dan Coxell

  • I subscribed to Bass Lessons Online because I didn't want to pay too much money for lessons, but at the same time needed something with structure and fundamental concepts to successfully learn how to play bass. I also have a strange work schedule, so I needed something that I could use at my own convenience. I found this subscription through YouTube while searching for ideas on how I could teach myself how to play bass, and found it very informative and easy to follow.

    I started as an absolute beginner with these lessons, so I am quite proud that I have gotten this far. I would have to say that the greatest musical improvement is my new ability to identify notes and patterns from listening. I never thought I would be able to do that, but once you grasp the basic concept, it becomes easier.

    I feel that the lessons progress in a logical manner and the exercises are appropriate for absorbing the material.

    the value of Bass Lessons Online.
    A+++++++ Wouldn't be playing this well without it!

    Sara Heitman, USA, 16 April 2010

  • I am loving the format, length (information/exercise per lesson), and frequency of the lessons. And I think you are doing a super job making sure that the lessons build on each other in a way that doesn't leave gaps. The consolidation videos are great. I like being able to eventually watch what I hear you do in the videos. And I do want to thank you for adding information along with the exercises of what fingers to use when and where. That's especially helpful for a beginner--you don't assume that we would just naturally figure out the best way at such a beginner level.

    I am hooked on playing bass. I started playing with my church worship team only 3 or 4 weeks after I picked a bass guitar up for the first time! And I'm 28, a busy mother, and have never played another instrument before. My husband (who plays acoustic guitar and is leader of our worship team) said to me the other day when he heard me playing around with the Minor Pentatonic Scale: "Vesna, you know, I've tried to minimize my comments about your bass playing these weeks because I didn't want your head to get big, but I think you missed your calling in life." He said that he thought I was a natural even though I didn't have music education in my life. I've always been musical "in my soul." And your bass lessons are helping me channel that; after so many years of being only a passionate appreciator of music, I am now also making music (and digging it immensely!) :)

    Thanks again!
    Vesna Mirkovich, 2 May 2010

  • Hi George! First of all thank you for sharing your know-how with me and the world on how to play a bass guitar perfectly.

    I wanted to have a teacher who is availabe, when I have time and when I am in the mood of practicing. This is exactly what Bass Lessons Online provides.

    I am exited about the "say as you play" methode. From other learing processes I know that this is a/the most successful trainig methode.

    For me as a beginner with a little experience it's just perfect!
    From my point of view it is tripple A
    Jürgen Krause, Germany, 8 May 2010

  • hi george, i have been trying to learn bass for a little while using books and such! i have progressed some, but i wanted to get lessons from a real proffesional to make sure i am doing all my exercises right!

    i wanted to start from the beginning and incorporate your lessons into the things i already know! i am very excited and i enjoy watching some of your videos on you tube!

    your lessons were more affordable than going to a music store and i don"t have to leave my house!

    chris adams! :-) 8 May 2010

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