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Your exclusive look into some samples of my
step-by-step bass lesson videos

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George Urbaszek, Creator of Bass Lessons Online


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Hello and welcome to the bass lesson website of George Urbaszek

This page will give you an overview of the Bass Lessons Online eCourse. If you require further information, please click any of the relevant bass info links at the top of this page.

Please don't hesitate to EMAIL if you have any queries. I can almost always help you within 24 hours.

Your search for quality step-by-step bass lessons taught by someone who understands and practices a variety of learning techniques is now over.



Bass Lesson Service Guarantee

Bass Teacher George Urbaszek


Testimonial from a bass player midway through the Beginner course ...

"… all has been fantastic … this course is brilliant!

… the ability to ACTUALLY play something, more than just mucking around playing random notes trying to sound good.

It's fantastic everything is easy to read, though some things are a bit confusing at the start they soon come around with George's great help.

… the value of Bass Lessons Online: TEN OUT OF TEN!"

Drew Eicke, Australia

Beginner to Intermediate eCourse Lesson Topics

In addition to the regular lesson videos with every bass lesson, Consolidation Videos are used every 2-5 lessons. They are usually 7-12 minutes long and are in addition to text, audio, photos, notation and tabs where required.

"Your video-lessons give not only a very personal touch, it seems to me being the much better way to give a comparison how to do it right then text and stills only."
Johannes Haslauer, Graz, Austria

The lessons use the "step-by-step" approach and introduce everything (technique, reading, aural skills, theory etc) in manageable portions.

You can download the entire contents of each lesson to your computer so you can work on your lessons anytime.


Please note: This is only a synopsis. Lessons are comprehensive and
systematic and always give hints, tips, practice suggestions and
examples using a combination of text, audio, photos, videos and TABs. All
lessons are geared toward the performing musician and always have
real world applications as the premise.


Intro, overview, rhythm with plucking hand
Fretting-hand application
Both hands combined, riff in one position
Lead-up notes
Music alphabet
Hammers in riff construction
Note identification
Instant note identification
Tuning to harmonics
Minor pentatonic scale
Creating grooves with the minor pentatonic scale
Playing the minor pentatonic scale fast
Fills using the minor pentatonic scale
Grooves and fills using the minor pentatonic scale over different
Intro to the blues
Learning the blues (and beyond) in three steps
Construction of the major scale
Major triads
Blues with major triads and straight eighths
Shuffle blues with triads
Double chromatic approach notes to major triads over the blues
(straight and shuffle)
Major triads, speed and dexterity, looking ahead
Minor triads, speed and dexterity, looking ahead
Minor blues
A module of five lessons on reading music, including practical
sight-reading concepts
A module on the major pentatonic scale and its applications
A module on various striking-hand techniques, including several
picking styles and their application, palm muting etc.
All four triad types
All four-note chords
Practice routines
Chord relationships
Playing with drums
Passing tones (melodic bass lines)
A module on aural skills, i.e. how to work out songs off recordings
A module on the blues scale and its applications
Famous bass riffs analyzed and how to create your own "in the style
of ...."

--- The Beginner course contains 50 Lessons in Total ---


The bass player who wraps it up ...

"Mr. Urbaszek,

Thank you for the series of bass lessons.

The materials you offered are rich and well organized.

I have been acquiring knowlege and dexterity effectively for playing bass guitar since I signed up the beginner series.

Besides the techiniques of playing bass, I have been also inspired in learning other instrument.

Things like aural skill and humming before improvising were what I had heard but never used.
After I gave a few tries of those, the techiniques become the refreshing tools and inspired me that there may be some potential extent I can reach.

I appreciated that the bass lessons not only cover bass techiniques but broader content in playing and understanding music."

Chieh-hsun Wu (Jason)


The bass player who had tried so much ...

"It is the most practical application and the learning tecnique works for me.

I've gone from not ever playing a stringed instrument to playing with our worship team in five months ...

I am certain that there is not a better bargain for BASS specific lessons anywhere! I do not know of anyone around my area that does BASS specific lessons, by a BASS specialist...

I have learned exponentially faster than anything else I have ever tried!"

Brett Donahue, USA




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