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Creating and Developing Blues Bass Lines and Riffs

Video Lesson 3

If you want to find out how to create and develop your own blues bass lines and riffs, this video will provide you with the tools you need to get going further ...

Renowned online music educator George Urbaszek has created another NEW VIDEO SERIES “Creating and Developing Blues Bass Lines and Riffs” for you to download and get started with your video lessons right away.

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What do you get?
You get 32 minutes (which is much longer than my previous video lessons) of solid instruction, including
1. how to develop the common boogie-woogie bass line for blues
2. how to play a Chicago-style blues shuffle - played in most blues bands
3. how to create and develop a blues bass line in a band rehearsal - this is REALLY IMPORTANT for most bass players!
4. how to understand and use more than just 3 chords in your blues
5. how to play and use arpeggios of 4-note chords
6. how to get the discipline required for studio sessions
7. how to use slides to spice up your playing ... plus more tips and tricks

Yes, this video series will not only show you the RUDIMENTARY TECHNIQUES to enable you to easily create and develop your own lines, riffs, licks and feels, these videos will also show you how to quickly get beyond the basics and create music you can play with your band, be it blues, rock or funk.

Video 3 in this series is a continuation of Videos 1 and 2 - They are available through this link:
Blues Bass Videos 1 and 2 and at the end of this page

Thanks again for the quality instruction. I am getting so much more out of your lessons than i was getting with half-hour lessons at the local music store.
- Vincent Brazelle, 23 January 2010

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